What Matters Most

EMC National Life Company (EMCNL), an affiliate of EMC Insurance Companies, has been providing superior service and support to our agents and policyowners since 1962. Agents and policyowners can continue to Count on EMC® for innovative insurance solutions, superior service and financial stability.

EMCNL's brand promise is Count on EMC to Make Life Easy® . We strive to demonstrate our brand promise in everything we do, whether it's providing superior customer service, developing simple and straightforward products, or using technology to increase our efficiency and accuracy.

We know life insurance can provide the means to help sustain lifestyles, allow kids to go to college, keep people in their homes, assist when illnesses happen, pay the bills on time and keep families united. Therefore, it is our top priority to make life insurance easy for you, our agents, and your customers.

At our core is a driving force of principles—Focus, Discipline and Momentum—that influence the way we work and guide our ability to deliver quality protection to all those we serve.

Chris Frazier
President & Chief Operating Officer




Scott Jean
Scott R. Jean, FCAS, MAAAChairman of the Board

President & Chief Executive Officer
EMC Insurance Companies
Des Moines, Iowa


Chris Frazier
Chris D. Frazier, CPA, ALMIVice-Chairman

President & Chief Operating Officer
EMC National Life
Des Moines, Iowa


Lauren Burgeson
Lauren L. BurgesonBoard Member

Executive Vice President
Iowa State Bank
Des Moines, Iowa


Kevin Krause
Raymond W. DavisBoard Member

EMC Insurance Companies
Urbandale, Iowa


Kevin Krause
Kevin J. KrauseBoard Member

Partner & CFO
BP Real Estate Group
Des Moines, Iowa



Chris Frazier
Chris D. Frazier, CPA, ALMIPresident & Chief Operating Officer


Cameron Torstenson
Cameron S. Torstenson, CLUExecutive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer


Kevin Lund
Kevin R. Lund, ALHC, FLMI, HIA, ACS Senior Vice President, Policy & Technology Administration


Jenifer Mercer-Klimowski
Jenifer L. Mercer-Klimowski, J.D., CPCU, AICSenior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary


Mark Unkrich
Mark A. Unkrich, FLHC, ALMI, FALU, ACSSenior Vice President, Claims & Underwriting


Mark Rowley
Mark C. Rowley, FSA, MAAAVice President, Managing Actuary


Steven Brown
Steven C. Brown, FLMI, ACS, AIAA, AIRC, GBDSAssistant Vice President, New Business & Claims Administration


Mark DeVries
Mark J. DeVries, FSA, CERA, MAAAAssistant Vice President, Supervising Actuary


Sandra Struthers
Sandra K. Struthers, ALMI, ACSAssistant Vice President, Controller & Assistant Treasurer


David Pokorny
David J. Pokorny, FLMI, ACS, AIRCAssistant Secretary, Corporate Compliance