Workplace Life

Below is a summary of voluntary insurance products that employers can make available to their employees through payroll deduction.*


Critical Illness Insurance (policy form LP750 and rider form LP751):


Today you are likely to survive a critical illness, but would your finances?


Critical Illness Insurance covers expenses related to a critical illness that are not covered by your health insurance, such as mortgage payments and daily living costs, coinsurance and deductibles, and travel and lodging.


Based on a 10-year or 20-year term life policy with an Accelerated Benefit Rider, Critical Illness Insurance provides a lump-sum cash payment up to 100% of your life insurance benefit in the event you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness.


Workplace Disability Income (policy form EHP001):


How would your finances be impacted if you suffered an off-the-job injury or sickness?


EMC National Life's Workplace Disability Income policy is designed to help protect employees' most valuable asset–their paycheck. Disability coverage replaces a portion of income to help offset the financial losses that result when employees are unable to work due to an off-the-job injury or an off-the-job sickness. Benefits can be used to help cover everyday living expenses such as car payments, mortgage or rent, utility bills and other household expenses.



Workplace Term Life Insurance (policy form ELP240):


It’s the cost-effective life insurance coverage you need.


Workplace Term Life (WTL) is designed to provide life insurance for a specified period to meet anticipated responsibilities. It is a good fit for those looking to cover their mortgage, auto loan(s) and credit card debt. WTL is also a great option for those looking for higher coverage amounts with lower premiums than permanent plans.


Workplace Whole Life Insurance (policy form ICC12ELP026 or ELP026):


Life changes. You need life insurance that won’t.


Workplace Whole Life (WWL) is designed to provide life insurance for lifetime protection. It is especially suitable for those seeking a final expense policy without extensive underwriting requirements.


Workplace Increasing Whole Life (policy form ELP001):


Life moves fast. You need life insurance that can keep up.


Workplace Increasing Whole Life (WIWL) is designed to provide life insurance for lifetime protection and is a good option for those seeking a final expense policy without extensive underwriting requirements. It is especially suitable for those who require superior cash value accumulation.


Group Term Life Insurance (policy form ELP010 [for Employer] or ELP017 [for Association]):


In order to recruit and retain the best people in the marketplace, many employers, including school districts, government entities and health care organizations, are recognizing the need to provide the most basic of coverage to employees – term life insurance. At the same time, employees are looking to their employers to offer this coverage as a benefit.


Group Term Life is an annual renewable term life insurance product designed for groups of 10 or more employees.



Group Disability Income Insurance (policy form LP656)


Our disability plans are available separately but coordinate perfectly for a complete disability income program. Disability Income Insurance is available on an employer-paid basis or an employee-paid voluntary basis.

* Not all products and riders are approved in all states. Complete product and rider details are contained in the respective policy forms for each product and may vary by


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